Lost Boy

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Do they REALLY think they can make this illegal?? Seriously, if you can’t handle the hits, stay out of the pit. Then you sure as hell don’t want to go near the wall of death. Unless they plan on arresting 50+ people for moshing and things like that, it won’t work. Just because your 12 year old got hurt, doesn’t mean you need to sue Oli.

I had been hospitalized at my first concert when I was 13 for bruising my bone in my entire foot, and my dad didn’t even think of blaming BMTH. It was my fault, just like when I had got hospitalized the second time at another BMTH concert when I was 16 for dislocating my elbow.

I had gone to 5-6 BMTH concerts by the time I was 17. I havent been in a couple years though… It’s I just really need to mosh to some BMTH again, its been too long and I cant stop thinking about how much I love seeing them live